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Dog Days of Summer

I was having a bad day. Nothing was going right. I ended up in tears over silly pieces of technology wreaking havoc on my ability to work. I sent out an emergency prayer text to my husband, because I was about to lose my mind and throw a computer. He responded with assurance that he… Continue reading Dog Days of Summer

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Remembering What’s Important

I started a post about Memorial Day and, well, it wasn’t good. I could make up some lame excuses, but the truth is, I just couldn’t articulate what I wanted to say. It was about the value of remembering and it didn’t make any sense at all. Then I opened my devotional from Charles Spurgeon,… Continue reading Remembering What’s Important

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Beauty in the Desert

My mom always told me there are things God teaches us in the desert that we cannot learn anywhere else. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I know it to be true. I learn so much from the physical desert I live in, but my favorite lessons have been seeing the heartiness of… Continue reading Beauty in the Desert

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38 Musings for Resurrection Day

I started three different posts about Easter, but none of them sounded right. Not that any human words are good enough to explain this day and what it means. But as I thought about Christ's Resurrection, I gravitated toward the 'common' definition of  the word 'resurrection': the act of causing something that had ended or… Continue reading 38 Musings for Resurrection Day

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Pass the tissues please!

Anguish. Grief. Loss. Overwhelming conviction. Flat out heartache. Debilitating pain. Nosebleeds. Allergies. Chronic illness. There are all kinds of reasons to need a tissue. But some reasons are not so bad, like laughing with a friend until your sides hurt. Or sheer joy from seeing someone you love succeed. The beauty of a perfectly timed… Continue reading Pass the tissues please!

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What the Cuddle Brothers Taught Me About God

My boys are at the perfect ages. Nine and seven are glorious years because they are independent, but don’t mind hanging out with their parents. They are smart, but not too smart-alecky (is that a word?). They can play for hours and work out their own problems for the most part. We can have deep… Continue reading What the Cuddle Brothers Taught Me About God

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My Dog is Annoying

There are a lot of analogies out there about dogs and God. And I’ve always agreed with them because I’ve owned some pretty wonderful dogs in my lifetime. The unconditional love. The extreme loyalty. Fierce protectors. Then there’s Strudel the Poodle. He’s a miniature poodle we rescued as a replacement for our 15 year old… Continue reading My Dog is Annoying