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Hashtag Exclamation Point

My son loves using exclamation points. Sorry, let me say that again. My son LOVES using exclamation points! I’ve tried explaining that it’s improper grammar to use exclamation points at the end of every sentence, but to no avail. He will read a sentence ‘normally’, and then again with his best expressive voice. He reasons… Continue reading Hashtag Exclamation Point

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The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

You can hear all kinds of sounds in the forest. My family and I were just in the mountains of Colorado, where the peaks are shrouded in blankets of Christmas trees. I recorded just a few of the sounds we heard: swaying pines, gently falling raindrops, rushing creek waters, scampering squirrels, burrowing chipmunks, mountain goats… Continue reading The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

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Firework Day

At our house, the 4th of July is known as “Firework Day”. It was coined by our boys before they were old enough to understand the meaning of a birthday for a country. They have since learned what Independence Day is all about, but the name “Firework Day” has stuck. We’ve spent lots of time… Continue reading Firework Day

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Expect the Unexpected

My son stopped in his tracks. He looked stunned as he said, “Mommy, you look like a princess with your hair like that!” Well, then. Double French braids everyday from now on! I wasn’t getting ready to go to a fancy party, just a fun movie night at church. I wasn’t even trying to look… Continue reading Expect the Unexpected

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Beauty in the Desert

My mom always told me there are things God teaches us in the desert that we cannot learn anywhere else. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I know it to be true. I learn so much from the physical desert I live in, but my favorite lessons have been seeing the heartiness of… Continue reading Beauty in the Desert

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A Life of Opposition

Life seems to be full of opposing forces. I find myself wavering between two extremes nearly all the time. Good and bad. Needs and wants. Highs and lows. Quiet and noise. Boredom and busyness. Happiness and sadness. Paper and computers. Diet and regular. And on and on… Just last week I found myself totally distracted… Continue reading A Life of Opposition

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38 Musings for Resurrection Day

I started three different posts about Easter, but none of them sounded right. Not that any human words are good enough to explain this day and what it means. But as I thought about Christ's Resurrection, I gravitated toward the 'common' definition of  the word 'resurrection': the act of causing something that had ended or… Continue reading 38 Musings for Resurrection Day

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Pass the tissues please!

Anguish. Grief. Loss. Overwhelming conviction. Flat out heartache. Debilitating pain. Nosebleeds. Allergies. Chronic illness. There are all kinds of reasons to need a tissue. But some reasons are not so bad, like laughing with a friend until your sides hurt. Or sheer joy from seeing someone you love succeed. The beauty of a perfectly timed… Continue reading Pass the tissues please!