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How to Walk on Water

Fear is a funny thing. Well, not actually funny, but you know what I mean. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes; it affects young and old and everyone in-between. It can come and go at the strangest times and at different speeds. It has physical side effects, some of which cripple for life. The… Continue reading How to Walk on Water

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I keep seeing this sign, “DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS”. It’s at the park, the grocery store parking lot, outdoor restaurants, and a host of other public places. It was popping up so much, it became obvious God wanted me to learn something from it. You’ve seen what happens when people feed birds - it’s… Continue reading DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS!

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Expect the Unexpected

My son stopped in his tracks. He looked stunned as he said, “Mommy, you look like a princess with your hair like that!” Well, then. Double French braids everyday from now on! I wasn’t getting ready to go to a fancy party, just a fun movie night at church. I wasn’t even trying to look… Continue reading Expect the Unexpected

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Beauty and the Beast

As a little girl, I never thought of myself as a princess. I didn’t like to wear dresses. I didn't watch or read fairy tales. I didn't play with dolls. I liked to explore. If there was an opportunity to be outside, I would take it. Even better if I could be in pants and… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast