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Everyone Needs a L.I.S.A.

"Why are there so many Lisa's at church, mommy? What's so important about the name Lisa anyway?" My youngest son seemed genuinely confused and curious one night as we counted all the "Lisa's" we know. It made me laugh, and I think I responded with a light-hearted answer like, "Well, because Lisa is a cool… Continue reading Everyone Needs a L.I.S.A.

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The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

You can hear all kinds of sounds in the forest. My family and I were just in the mountains of Colorado, where the peaks are shrouded in blankets of Christmas trees. I recorded just a few of the sounds we heard: swaying pines, gently falling raindrops, rushing creek waters, scampering squirrels, burrowing chipmunks, mountain goats… Continue reading The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth

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Pass the tissues please!

Anguish. Grief. Loss. Overwhelming conviction. Flat out heartache. Debilitating pain. Nosebleeds. Allergies. Chronic illness. There are all kinds of reasons to need a tissue. But some reasons are not so bad, like laughing with a friend until your sides hurt. Or sheer joy from seeing someone you love succeed. The beauty of a perfectly timed… Continue reading Pass the tissues please!

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My Dog is Annoying

There are a lot of analogies out there about dogs and God. And I’ve always agreed with them because I’ve owned some pretty wonderful dogs in my lifetime. The unconditional love. The extreme loyalty. Fierce protectors. Then there’s Strudel the Poodle. He’s a miniature poodle we rescued as a replacement for our 15 year old… Continue reading My Dog is Annoying

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Beauty and the Beast

As a little girl, I never thought of myself as a princess. I didn’t like to wear dresses. I didn't watch or read fairy tales. I didn't play with dolls. I liked to explore. If there was an opportunity to be outside, I would take it. Even better if I could be in pants and… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast