Lessons From a Leafblower

There is not a single tree or bush in my yard, so how am I learning lessons from a leafblower? Well, the answer is simple. ALL three of my neighbors have towering trees, so their leaves fall into our yard. For the most part, I enjoy not having any landscape to take care of. But on the random occasion when the Vegas wind blows the neighbor’s debris onto our land, I get out the leafblower and make it pretty again. I was doing this the other day and I was surprised at how satisfying it was. Behold. The power of the wind! I mean, the leafblower. If I wanted to move the leaves a little, I tapped the button or held it loosely. When I wanted more force or things were taking too long, I cranked harder on the button. Then I remembered the ‘turbo’ setting. Wow. That moved some leaves. I was realizing there was a subtle art to cleaning up the leaves, though. All turbo just made everything fly and spread even worse. Too low and it didn’t make a big enough difference. Then there was how to maneuver the machine to get behind the furniture and carefully get all the leaves gathered in one area. There were some tough leaves that no matter how high the setting was or how close I got, the leaf wouldn’t budge. I had to use my shoe or a broom to scrape it off.

All in all, it was very satisfying. The yard looked great afterward and I was proud of the work I had done. It got me thinking about the power of the Holy Spirit. The Greek word for “Spirit” in the Bible means: spirit (yep, spirit means spirit), breath, WIND. I thought about all the different jobs the Holy Spirit has and one of the most important is that the Spirit moves us. When we are feeling stagnant, don’t we long for a Holy Wind of refreshment? When we are feeling ugly inside, don’t we long for a Holy Wind of change and cleansing?

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit comes gently. Moving us along the way we know we should go. Other times, when we are being a little more stubborn, the Holy Spirit needs to kick into turbo mode. It’s not pleasant to feel our world shaken up, but we are always better for it.

Listen to the context of what the Holy Spirit does as told in Ephesians, “And do not bring sorrow to God’s Holy Spirit by the way you live. Remember, he has identified you as his own, guaranteeing that you will be saved on the day of redemption.” (Eph 4:30 NLT) The Spirit convicts us of sin, and when we are not obedient, it causes Him sorrow. Before and after verse 30 are listed some deeds that grieve the Spirit: unwholesome talk, bitterness, rage, anger, malice, and slander. INSTEAD, verse 29 tells us to only say what is helpful to others, builds them up, and spreads grace. Wow. I think we’d talk a lot less if we actually followed these commands.

So, what areas of your life and walk and talk need a Holy Wind of God to come in for a clean-up? Will you let Him, or will you be stubborn? Will you allow Him to make you new?

We talk a lot in Christian circles about God the Father and His Son Jesus, but not often enough about the Holy Spirit. Ask the Spirit to come and move you. Move you, shake you, fill you, breathe new life into you! If you’re interested in more verses on the Holy Spirit click here.