Lessons From the Lemonade Stand

I was reading today that lemon balm tea cures stress! Seemed fitting to reblog this.


Several years ago, my boys decided to set up their first lemonade stand. Stocked with cups, ice, lemonade, fresh-cut lemons, and a homemade sign, we set up shop on a sweltering hot day in our front yard. They were full of high hopes and images of toys they’d be able to buy with their hard-earned money.

By the grace of God, they got a customer right away who bought two lemonades, made small talk, and asked how it was going. This boosted their spirits like tiny fireworks in their hearts. Inspired by their first sale, they marched around in circles, holding cups high in the air, and shouting, “Come get your lemonade! Only 50 cents!” Surely every car that came by would be stopping, and definitely every kid on foot, bike, or scooter. Who could resist?

But the next half hour brought no one. They were starting to feel defeated…

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