38 Musings for Resurrection Day

Resurrecting the blog life today!


I started three different posts about Easter, but none of them sounded right. Not that any human words are good enough to explain this day and what it means. But as I thought about Christ’s Resurrection, I gravitated toward the ‘common’ definition of  the word ‘resurrection’: the act of causing something that had ended or been forgotten or lost to exist again, to be used again.

The more I thought about that definition, the more I was reminded of a list I made during my sabbatical. I share it with you today in hopes that maybe you will be able to do some of these things today, and all of them in the days to come. You’ll notice a theme to the words and phrases – they all start with ‘re’, as does my name. Our God is a God of repetition (see, there’s another one!).

May  you…


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